J.Clark Chamberlain, the First President of Toastmasters International in his message in the first issue of Toastmasters magazine named “The Gavel” in Dec 1930, wrote:

“As to future program it seems to me that first, we should set for our selves several objectives to speedily build up the strength of present Clubs, for we must not lose sight of the fact that International success can never be possible until we have given much attention to individual Club improvement. In fact, the individuality of Clubs must never be lost.”

This message speaks volumes for the success of Toastmasters program. The foundation of the program is the success at the club level and that is why this term I have set my heart on to the efforts to make all clubs in the District healthy and strong. When the clubs are healthy, the members get the full benefits of the program and they not only continue to stay in the club, but also become the brand ambassadors of Toastmasters and are walking examples for the benefits that could be gained by the members.

We all, therefore, as members and leaders of our respective clubs, should strive to make our clubs healthy by adopting the following 3 goals:
1. To make our club meetings a quality experience for all attendees so they all enjoy being there and look forward to being there.
2. To retain members, by ascertaining their needs in Toastmasters program and helping them fulfill those needs.
3. To add more members, by inviting guests, who would willingly join the club, when they witness the involvement and commitment of current members in making the meetings a positive learning environment.

More members means more fun, more growth and more success for all.

Following are a few resources to make the club meetings more meaningful




Let us work together to make all our clubs – current and new – healthy!

Let us achieve #20/20 in 2020
(We will strive to reach 20+ membership in all the clubs of District 20 in the year 2020)