Dear District 20 Leaders,

It’s my immense pleasure to announce the report of the District Leadership Committee for the term 2020-2021. I would like to sincerely thank DLC Chair DTM and all the respected members of the DLC for their time, efforts and service in carrying out the process with due diligence. 

I would like to thank the candidates for their interest, willingness to lead our District in the coming term and their professional interaction with the DLC committee.


  1. Bio of Nominated TRIO D20 2020-21
  2. Bio of Nominated Division Directors D20 2020-21

A great appreciation to the candidates, whom haven’t been nominated, but they are the only candidates who are eligible to seek the office they submitted their application for as floor candidates.

Looking forward to our District Online Council in May, 2020 and wishing our candidates the best of luck!

May our District always get core values oriented leaders!